Clean Soils and CCDD

Your objectives should include finding the most cost-effective means of legally complying with the multiple layers of compliance obligations.  Clean Soils Consulting's staff provides decades of collective experience in solid waste and CCDD management to produce innovative project options based upon your specific needs, budgetary constraints and the dynamics of your site. 

From project initiation to completion, CSC can assist you with your soils needs. Call us today for a free consultation! 

“We make $oils $ense!” 

Contaminated Soils

  •  Contaminated soils
  •  Site assessment and  quantification of disposal volumes
  •  Development of alternative  strategies for management of soils
  •  Site sampling
  •  Analysis for disposal
  •  Profile preparation and defense of  applications for approval
  •  Transportation
  •  Disposal options

Environmental Compliance Services

CSC provides the following professional services involving consulting or field service activities:

  •  Site owners
  •  Developers of industrial, commercial and residential projects
  •  Design-build firms
  •  Land development contractors
  •  General contractors
  •  Excavators
  •  Underground contractors including water and sewer contractors
  •  Trucking companies
  •  Other contractors 
  •  And their consultants and legal advisors
  •  Phase I/II site assessments
  •  Development of remedial action  plans for contaminated materials
  •  Project management of  contaminated sites
  •  UST management
  •  Solid waste consulting

Clean Soils Consulting is proud to be a member of the Underground Contractors Association.

Want more information?

  •  Permitting and profiling of soils for  CCDD “Clean Soils"
  •  Site sampling
  •  Analysis for profile approval
  •  Certification of soils including LPC-  662 or LPC-663
  •  Development of alternative soils  handling options for TACO  compliant soils
  •  Sources and supply of clean soils  for projects needing “Clean Fill”

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Clean Soils Consulting

Clean Soils Consulting (CSC) is the Envirobroker division that deals with soil and the by-products of development activities. We can help your business manage contaminated soils through our unique environmental compliance services. In 2012, the Illinois EPA proposed new solid waste management regulations to protect Illinois groundwater when soils from construction activities were used to fill quarries or other below grade structures. Clean Soils Consulting strives to meet our clients’ needs in meeting the EPA’s regulations regarding clean construction or demolition debris (CCDD). CCDD is defined as uncontaminated broken concrete without protruding metal, bricks, rock, stone, or reclaimed asphalt pavement generated from construction or demolition activities. When uncontaminated soil is mixed with any of these materials, the uncontaminated soil is also considered CCDD.

Protecting the health of the environment and the general population affects your business on many different levels. At Clean Soils Consulting, our goal is to make it easier to be a responsible steward of our environment by providing assistance to: