Generate lower waste volumes

  • RCRA
  • Solid Waste including Special and Non-Special wastes
  • Clean Soils

Our consulting services include assistance to Generators in:

Transportation and Disposal

Our objectives in providing services are to:

  • RCRA-obligated generators
  • Generators of nonhazardous, process, or pollution control wastes
  • Municipal and solid waste
  • Construction and demolition debris
  • Universal and medical waste

TWM is a group of dedicated consultants and operations experts who assist our Industrial and Commercial clients. We can help you:

Beneficial Re-use of Bio-solids

Sampling and Analysis for Waste Characterization

Process Management

  • Recommendations for Manufacturing Process Improvements
  • Facility Waste Audits
  • RCRA Status determinations
  • Supply Chain Alternatives

Recycle materials that would otherwise be disposed of

Our goal is to identify the cost-effective, environmentally responsible solution that meets the overall objectives of the Generator.

If your goals are the same, our team will help you develop innovative alternatives based upon your specific needs.

Call us for a free consultation regarding your projects. From project initiation to completion, TWM can help you meet your objectives! 

Our work is provided to the following communities:

Develop programs to re-purpose waste material for others’ usage

  • Improve the Generator’s compliance history
  • Reduce waste volumes and costs associated with hazardous waste and Generator exposure to environmental liability
  • Provide economic assistance to the Generator through lower waste management costs
  • Encourage stewardship of the environment


  • Chemical Characterization
  • Segregation and Packing of Waste Products
  • Off-spec
  • Out of Date or Returned Products

Plant Consolidations

  • Equipment Removal
  • Dismantling and Re-assembly

Solid Waste Management

Lab-Pack Services

Recycling of Commodities

Soils Management

Project Management

  • Field Services
  • Project Management

Remedial Investigations

and Plan Development

Site Remediation for USTs
​or Process Tanks